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You’ll discover the tips, resources and experts to support you where you are on your writing, publishing and platform building journey. The Visionary Author Blog brings you expert guest posts and content on topics such as writing and story creation, preparing your website for platform building success, authentic marketing and list-building tips, social media and PR tips specifically for authors and so much more. Enjoy today’s featured post and to access all the empowering posts click here.


How Writers Can Combine Inspiration and Action

Inspired Living Publishing

When it comes to writing a book, most of us would agree that inspiration is a key ingredient. Yet inspiration alone is not enough. The sparks of inspiration need to be fanned into the flames of action for creative potential to manifest both on the page and in the … [Read More...]

4 Brand-Enhancing Reasons to Support Aligned Book Launches

Inspired Living Publishing

When Inspired Living Publishing’s sister brand, Aspire Magazine, first transitioned from a print publication to a digital platform in late 2009, as publisher I spent the first year supporting aligned book launches and giving away Aspire’s free subscription offer. This was … [Read More...]

The Power of Authentic Storytelling to Inspire Transformation

The Power of Authentic Storytelling to Inspire Transformation

From the earliest of times storytelling has been one of the most important tools used to inspire, empower, teach, and comfort. In the sharing of stories, family members passed on the wisdom and values of previous generations, and communities passed on the culture and history … [Read More...]

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