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In Courageous Hearts: Soul-inspiring Stories to Inspire You to  Embrace Your  Fears and Follow Your Dreams publisher Linda Joy invites heart-centered feminine leaders to revisit the moments in which they made the courageous choices of their lives--the moments in which they chose to live from their own truth and walk their own paths, no matter how frightening or uncertain the way ahead appeared.  In the face of overwhelming fear, vulnerability, and opposition, these brave women chose to act from their deepest soul convictions, honor the calling of their courageous hearts, and step into a more authentic and empowered reality in their own lives.

True feminine courage isn't loud or brash. It doesn't scream from the rooftops. Instead, it wraps us in loving arms during our darkest times, and whispers, "Be brave, for you can do this. You are meant for this, and so much more."

RELEASE DATE:  October 24, 2017​

Finally! The Multimedia Exposure, Platform, and Visibility to Spread Your Message and Attract Your Ideal Client

At Inspired Living Publishing, we are dedicated to providing visionary heart-centered business women, like YOU, with a high-profile media and publishing platform to share their wisdom and highlight their brand in front of a global audience of women who are eager to receive it.

Inspired Living Publishing is part of a sacred circle of sister media brands that serves over 44,000 women. At Inspired Living Publishing, you get so much more than a chapter in a book, and a case of books which is the industry norm.  Your investment includes the multimedia exposure, in front of your ideal audience, that you need to thrive in your online business and attract the women you are meant to serve.

When you choose to become a published author with Inspired Living Publishing, you are partnering with one of the leading voices in women’s inspirational publishing and multimedia.

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  • What it would feel like to say Yes, I am a published author with the leader in the women’s inspirational multimedia publishing genre (a thriving magazine, 9 bestselling books (including our popular Kindle series), a high-profile radio show, multiple successful video and teleseminar series, and an audience of over 44,000 subscribers and 26,000 social media fans.). Isn't that much more powerful than saying you’re self-published?
  • What consistent high-profile exposure over nine months, in front of your ideal audience, and across multiple platforms could do for YOUR BRAND. Your message is meant to be heard and we have the audience and platform to amplify your message.
  • Being able to intimately connect with your ideal female audience who are interested in personal development, self-discovery, conscious business, natural health and wellness and mindset and success principles. Women eager for YOUR wisdom and message.
  • Receiving referrals to virtual speaking events, radio shows and heart-centered collaborative projects that are a match for YOUR message and mission. Publisher Linda Joy is one of the industry’s go-to referral source when hosts are searching for experts like YOU. As Linda shares... " It gives me #SoulGiggles to share the love and the referrals!"
  • Being part of Publisher Linda Joy’s PRIVATE Visionary Female Author, Writer and Messenger Facebook Group dedicated to supporting female authors in enhancing blog traffic and comments, growing their Facebook and Twitter platform and forming collaborative partnerships – already over 1,000 women strong. Be a part of a powerful community of like-minded women who are eager to support each other using Linda's proven feminine collaborative model.
  • Benefiting from Publisher Linda Joy’s proven heart-centered, authentic list-building model that has catapulted her brands and that of her clients, to a global audience now reaching over 44,000 loyal readers and listeners as well as over 26,000 social media fans. Her feminine marketing model is integrated throughout the Courageous Hearts project.
  • The exposure and list-building results you will receive when as part of a high profile, professionally produced book launch that features over 70 partners. Our last three book launches went viral within hours, and topped a combined twenty-four Amazon Bestseller and Hot New Release lists.
  • The opportunity* to interact with some of Inspired Living Publishing’s sister brands including Aspire Magazine and the Inspired Living Giveaway . (You have an empowering message to share we have the audience eager to hear it.)

Over 200 heart-centered entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists, health practitioners, and creatives have taken advantage of our high-visibility 9-month Marketing, Media and Publishing Packages--many of them multiple times.

who have joined us for the Courageous Hearts project and said YES to increasing their visibility & to bringing their brand and message in front of  the women they are meant to share! Are You Next?

Hear From Some of Our Sacred Authors

Get all the details, then click the APPLY NOW button to access the application and to schedule your chat with Publisher Linda Joy!

Laura Clarkwww.SoulWiseLiving.com

“This is an opportunity not to be missed if you are ready to make a greater impact with your message and take your brand visibility to the next level. The multi-faceted multimedia marketing and publishing packages that Inspired Living Publishing (ILP) offer is what sets them apart. As one of their authors, in six books, I can share from experience that the high impact multimedia exposure you receive, in front of Publisher Linda Joy's audience of over 44,000 women, across multiple platforms for the nine months leading up to the book being released is priceless. An added bonus has been the powerful collaborations created within the ILP community with my Sister-Authors.I've been working with Publisher Linda Joy, and her brands, for over four years and have been thrilled with the results and media exposure. If you've been searching for a high-impact way to be seen by the women you are called to serve look no further than ILP's publishing projects.”

KELLEY GRIMES, MSWwww.CultivatingPeaceandJoy.com

“I am thrilled that I invested in my business and myself with the multiple publishing projects I signed up for with Inspired Living Publishing! I have received tremendous exposure, new media opportunities, substantially grown my list and social media followers, and most importantly have felt so supported and nurtured by Linda Joy and the inspiring authors she serves. I am so grateful to have shared my stories and received incredible visibility through this heart centered collaborative model! ”

Get all the details, then click the APPLY NOW button to access the application and to schedule your chat with Publisher Linda Joy!

Lisa Marie Rosatiwww.GoddessLifestylePlan.com

“The magic of Linda Joy and Inspired Living Publishing! Courageous Hearts makes six sacred book projects I’ve done with Inspired Living Publishing since 2011. Why? Because it works! Not only does bestselling author status open oodles of doors for you professionally and give global exposure to your soul work… the self-esteem boost and magnificence of being part of such an amazing collaborative effort is absolutely MAGICAL! Today, my soul shines more brightly because my truth and my story will live on forever within the pages of Linda’s book(s)… now that is quite a legacy to leave behind. I give thanks to Linda every day for giving me the opportunity to speak my truth out loud and for the world to hear, all I had to do was say YES!”

Dr. Debra Reblewww.DrDebraReble.com

I've been so thrilled with the high-visibility marketing package that comes with Inspired Living Publishing's collaborative books that Midlife Transformation will be my fourth project with them. In fact, I was so impressed by their level of expertise--from the editorial support to the powerful launch results--that I published my new book, Being Love, with them. Within hours... it was an International Best-seller. If you are looking for high impact multimedia exposure for your brand then Inspired Living Publishing's Courageous Hearts project is for you."

Get all the details, then click the APPLY NOW button to access the application and to schedule your chat with Publisher Linda Joy!

Stacey Hofferwww.StaceyHoffer.com

“Publishing my story with Inspiring Living Publishing was the best authentic marketing decision I made all year. Linda Joy’s feminine collaborative business model was perfectly aligned with my brand… and her zone of genius allowed me to amplify my message in front of my ideal audience.”

Shann Vander Leekwww.TransformationGoddess.com

“I’m blessed to be part of the circle of bright and soulful women who write for Inspired Living Publishing. Becoming a 3x bestselling co-author boosted my motivational speaking engagements, media interviews and even increased sales for my first solo book. My choice to become a bestselling co-author contributed to my credibility as an author, speaker and transformational coach for women.”

Get all the details, then click the APPLY NOW button to access the application and to schedule your chat with Publisher Linda Joy!

Those Benefits Alone are Priceless!

You also receive the benefits of being supported and guided by a team of experts including:

8-time Best-selling Publisher – with a proven track record for creating heart-centered mission-driven best-sellers that make an impact in women’s lives. The costs of publishing a high-quality book and marketing it at the highest level are not for the faint-of-heart. (The value of working with an established publisher is PRICELESS.)

Authentic Marketing & List-Building Catalyst – Publisher Linda Joy’s proven feminine collaborative list-building model has catapulted Inspired Living Publishing, Aspire Magazine, and their sister brands to the forefront of their genre and Linda’s private marketing clients pay upwards of four and five figures to work with her.

Expert Professional Book Editor – the cost of a professional manuscript editor, not a copy-editor, is out of reach for the average author and can cost as high as $5,000 depending on the scope of the project. (You will feel fully supported through our powerful Authentic Storytelling™ Master Classes hosted by our long time chief editor, Bryna Rene Haynes, and our associate editor Debby Kevin. )

Web Designer & Online Strategist – a web designer & online strategist that fully understands the book marketing industry is a must for all authors and can cost upward of $3,500 and more. (Your ILP Publishing, Marketing and List-building package provides you with the high-quality webpage templates and graphics your team needs to create a professional book sales and landing page on your website once the book is released.)

Heart-Centered Marketing Copywriter – finding a niche copywriter who deeply understands your product and knows how to connect with YOUR book’s audience can average $250 an hour and up. (Your ILP Publishing, Marketing and List-building package includes high-quality prewritten web, email and social media promotions, editorial descriptions, and so much more.)

Graphic Design Team – The cost of a professional high-impact book cover design and interior layout can cost thousands of dollars. Add to that all the other professional graphics needed for a high visibility book marketing campaign including: Midlife Transformation banners, logos, mastheads, web graphics, social media graphics, book signing posters and more, and you’re closing in on close to $5,000. (Your ILP Publishing & List-building package includes a professionally produced graphics package.)

Public Relations – hiring a public relations company, one familiar with book publishing and your target audience, to write your press releases can cost upwards of $1,000 and more. (Your ILP Publishing and List-building package includes two professionally written press releases to announce your achievement to the press.)


Book Promotion Specialist - you could pay upwards of $10,000 for an Amazon bestseller book launch and full campaign with 70 or more quality launch partners.  At ILP it's all part of your package!  We handle it all.  Our launches attract today's leading female luminaries, authors, and new thought leaders who wholeheartedly support our books and authors. As an author with ILP you'll be a part of this high-visibility launch!

As Your publisher we also take care of these details...

Kindle/Mobi book, ISBN Assignment, U.S. Copyright Registration, Library of Congress Control Number; Sales page on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, Google/Amazon Search Program and so much more.

Tens of thousands of dollars worth of expert services!

Now that you know all the BENEFITS, here are your Brand-Enhancing VISIBILITY Options!

OPTION 1: Visionary Leader Cover Package ~Only 12 available~

Once you've read all the exciting details, click the APPLY NOW button to complete the application and schedule your chat with Linda Joy.

    • Access to our signature Authentic StorytellingTM Master Classes and a private author resource center.
    • Your Free Opt-in Gift placed on Aspire Mag’s private Bonus Gifts page. (Every new subscriber to Aspire Magazine, as well as current subscribers, receives access to these bonuses.) 
    • Monthly calls with Linda, ILP team members and/or special guests to support you on your writing and visibility journey.
    • INCLUSION of your Free Opt-in Gift in the Amazon Best-seller campaign along with over 70 partners.
    • INCLUSION of your head shot in a 2-page Book Ad in ASPIRE MAGAZINE's Fall Issue. High-profile exposure in front of your ideal audience!
    • Priority placement. Cover authors are placed at the top on the “Meet the Authors” web page in order of confirmation.
    • Priority placement. Cover authors are placed at the top of all promotional graphics, ads, and the bestseller launch page, in order of confirmation.
    • Invitation to submit articles, for consideration, to Aspire Magazine’s high-profile blog with over 160,000 page views a year.
    • 270 x 125 promotional banner placed in AspireMag.net’s Conscious Business Directory for One Year.
    • Discounts on upcoming publishing and list-building projects.

>This is not a shopping cart button. All authors must APPLY, complete the application, and schedule a chat with Publisher Linda Joy.

OPTION 2: Visionary Author Package

You'll find the application button at the bottom of the page! Read all the details before scheduling your chat with Linda.

    • Access to Authentic StorytellingTM Master Classes and private author resource center.
    • Your Free Opt-in Gift placed on Aspire Mag’s private Bonus Gifts page. (Every new subscriber to Aspire receives access to these bonuses) 
    • Monthly calls with Linda, the ILP team and/or special guests to support you through each step of the writing and visibility journey.
    • INCLUSION of your Free Opt-In Gift in the Amazon Best-seller campaign with up to 70 partners.
    • INCLUSION of your head shot in a 2-page BOOK AD in ASPIRE MAGAZINE's Fall Issue
    • Invitation to submit articles, for consideration, to Aspire Magazine’s high-profile blog with over 160,000 page views a year.
    • 270 x 125 promotional banner placed in AspireMag.net’s Conscious Business Directory for One Year
    • Discounts on upcoming publishing and list-building projects

>This is not a shopping cart button. All authors must APPLY, complete the application, and schedule a chat with Publisher Linda Joy.

Linda, why can’t I just pay now? I already know I want to be a part of the brand-enhancing Courageous Hearts project.

I understand your excitement and eagerness, so let me explain. At Inspired Living Publishing (and all my brands) I follow the 5 Feminine Success Principles that are the foundation of how I show up and play in the world. One of those feminine principles is SERVICE, and our business model embraces the intention: “Service before Sales”.

You see, at ILP it isn’t about selling placements. It’s about fully serving the authors who sign with us by making sure that their brand, message and mission are a match for the global audience that I serve. I want you to benefit from the exposure and list-building in front of that audience. And with all my brands and projects I choose to play, work and collaborate with women who embrace the feminine principle of collaboration and who show up fully in all they do.

I can't wait for our chat so I can learn more about the mission-driven work you are doing in the world. I look forward to the possibility of introducing your brand to my audience and welcoming you to our thriving community.

The best-selling authors of our last three sacred anthologies are still pinching themselves that THEIR BOOKS were side-by-side with some of today’s leading personal development visionaries including Tony Robbins,Don Miguel Ruiz, Brene Brown, and Gretchen Rubin as well as many other visionary new thought leaders!

And Choosing Happiness even bumped Oprah's Book of the Month Pick, Ruby, off multiple best-seller lists.

Gratitude & Grace Bestseller
Embracing Your Authentic Self
A Juicy, Joyful Life

You are in Business to Serve Women with Your Unique Gifts & Powerful Services. Let Them Find You.