Foreword by Kristi Ling

Bestselling author of Operation Happiness: The 3 Step Plan to Creating a Life of Lasting Joy, Abundant Energy, and Radical Bliss

"Whatever you’re facing now or might face in the future, you’ll always make it through stronger and brighter if you persevere, make daring choices, and find it within you to trust your very own courageous heart. Let the stories in Courageous Hearts ignite your soul, and remind you what a brave, powerful, gifted spirit you are!"


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Meet The Authors:

Ann Sanfelippo

Marianne MacKenzie

Lara Jaye

Jami Hearn

Jennifer Flynn

Cortney Chaite

Stacey Martino

Lisa Marie Rosati

Dr. Debra Reble

Shelley Riutta

Mal Duane

Felicia Baucom

Katrina Burton

Felicia D'Haiti

Kimberly Tobin

Sheila Callaham

Monica Dubay

Cindy Hively

Nicole Wettemann

Tarah Abram

Charisse Sisou

Robin Reid

Amanda Hinman

Michelle Mercier

Lizete Morais

Kris Groth

Hedy MacDonald

Katt Tozier

Erin Esser

Kailean Welsh

PRAISE FOR Courageous Hearts...

“With Courageous Hearts, Linda Joy has curated a powerful collection of inspiring life stories of truth-telling and change that we can all find ourselves inside of. Treat yourself and allow this book to be the catalyst that ignites the spark of boldness within you!” ~ Nancy Levin, bestselling author of Worthy

“Publisher Linda Joy has done it again with this compelling and inspiring book! Every moving story offers wisdom, inspiration, and deep support for following your own courageous heart―your own inner guidance. You will not be able to put this book down!” ~ Margaret Paul, PhD, best-selling author, facilitator and cocreator of Inner Bonding

Courageous Hearts is a collection of empowering stories eloquently shared by women on a mission to inspire us all. Their personal stories illustrate courage is really about bridging the gap of fear and uncertainty by turning inward and trusting the soft whisper of our inner guide―we all have that power. ~ Emily Madill, author and professional coach

Courageous Hearts is a must-read for modern times. Full to the brim with women who had the courage to tell their stories in service to others so that we can learn from their experiences. These stories tell of love lost and found, deep grief and intense joy. They are a rollercoaster of movement through the profound moments of these women's lives. If you love a great story or need to borrow some courage for a tough moment in your life, read this book. Every thing you need is here. ~ Minette Riordan, Ph.D., best-selling author and speaker

“Every act of empowerment, transformation and healing starts with a courageous act. This inspiring book is filled with the stories of women who chose courageous action in the face of remarkable challenges and transformed their lives forever. Each story has the power to remind you of the infinite possibilities that exist in your life when you embrace your strength and courage and take inspired action. It was a wonderfully nurturing and inspiring read!” ~Kelley Grimes, MSW Counselor, best-selling author, and self-nurturing expert

“If you want to be inspired to dig deep down for the courage to make the life-changing decisions, look no farther than Courageous Hearts! In this book, thirty amazing women bravely reveal their lowest moments and how they developed the fortitude to follow their true path in life, regardless of the obstacles. For me, admiration is too limited a word for these incredible women. They are way-showers.” ~ Jackie Lapin, founder of SpeakerTunity

“Powerful stories by courageous women that inspire transformation! It takes great bravery, confidence and determination to take your power back, listen to your heart, make new choices and own your truth so you can transform your life. These stories are evidence that, no matter where we are in life, we can always listen to our soul's whispers and claim the joy, abundance, purpose and freedom that are our birthrights.” ~ Patricia Young, transformational coach, podcast host, best-selling author and founder of Inner Prosperity

“When chaos and challenge arrive at our front door, it's tempting to remain in a state of innocence in hopes that someone else will rescue us. But as the stories in Courageous Hearts remind us, WE are the ones we've been waiting for. By having the courage to trust and step across the threshold of the unknown, each of these heroic women unearthed their own strength and wisdom. Journey with them as they transform their lives.” ~ Linda Bard, Life Purpose Mentor, Speaker and Best-Selling Author.

“I love that this book features highly inspirational stories and takes it a step further. At the end of each chapter there are questions allowing reflection on how you can apply the courageousness of the story you just read in your own life. This is priceless―as is this book!” ~ Jenny Mannion, author, intuitive healer, Mind Body Mentor

Courageous Hearts is a journey of women warriors who, like many of us, have faced hardships and challenges that sometimes felt impossible to bear. These beautiful, sometimes heart-wrenching, personal stories inspire us to be strong with faith and resiliency. They give us the necessary boost to embrace our most powerful selves. ~ Dr. Jo Anne White, international best-selling author, speaker, producer, professional coach, and Energy Master Teacher

“The stories in Courageous Hearts share with us those raw moments when women summon the courage to follow that all-knowing wisdom within. They share their stories of a choice to live this truth by taking courageous action and, ultimately, finding their dreams unfolding in front of them. These stories will touch your heart and show that there is such courage within each of us.” ~ Laura Clark, best-selling author, Soul Wise Living Mentor and SoulCoaching® Practitioner Trainer

“Reading the beautiful stories in Courageous Hearts feels as if you're spending time with your best friends as they share their challenges and triumphs with you. If you're at one of those choice points in your life that calls for an extra dose of courage, then these stories will leave you feeling inspired and empowered that you, too, can trust your heart's wisdom and guidance. And who knows, they may even ignite a dream or two that your heart has been waiting to share with you ...” ~Tina van Leuven, Joyful Soul Business Coach, creator of “Money and Miracles,” international best- selling author.

What's in the Book?


Publisher Linda Joy discusses the concept for Courageous Hearts and shares her personal experience with courage and inspired choices. 

"Every woman has a courageous heart.
Our hearts are part of who we are part of our beautiful feminine construction. Our hearts are our compasses, and they lead us toward the joy and happiness which is our authentic state of being. They are part of the essence of who we are." Excerpt from the Introduction

Chapter 1

The Courage to Love

It takes courage to love unconditionally, without fear. Authors Sheila Callham, Felicia Baucom, Kailean Welsh, MS, LPC, Shelley Riutta, MSE, LPC, Kimberly Tobin, and Nicole Wettemann share how finding the courage to love in new and more expansive ways transformed their worlds.

Chapter 2

The Courage to Live

There’s a difference between existing and being truly alive. Authors Dr. Debra L. Reble, Ann Sanfelippo, Lara Jaye, Lizete Morais, Erin Esser, and Charisse Sisou pulled themselves out of the darkness and into a new world where they could shine without apology.

Chapter 3

The Courage to Evolve

Change is hard, especially when it means radically transforming your life! Authors Stacey Martino, Marianne MacKenzie, Jami Hearn, Amanda Hinman, Michelle Mercier, and Robin Reid share their stories of personal evolution that stemmed from a courageous, inspired choice.

Chapter 4

The Courage to Heal

Healing can only take place when we commit ourselves to making the changes necessary to invite wellness and growth. Authors Cindy Hively, Felicia D’Haiti, Mal Duane, Tarah Abram, Katt Tozier, and Monica Dubay show how a shift in perspective can create a ripple effect of divine healing in mind, body, and spirit.

Chapter 5

The Courage to Move Forward

It’s tempting to look back at where we’ve been, but that’s not where joy lives. Authors Lisa Marie Rosati, Cortney Chaite, Katrina Burton, Jennifer Flynn, Kris Groth, and Hedy MacDonald open up about how choosing to leave their old lives behind and trust in their own strength opened up doors to happiness and fulfillment they never could have imagined.


Editor's Note

Editor Bryna René Haynes shares her own story of courage and shares her thoughts on the stories in this book. 

"It's no accident that my personal revelation coincided with this particular project. All of Inspired Living Publishing's books have a way of seeping into the consciousness of their authors—and by extension, their editors. Their themes are always timely, their contributors always divinely inspired. The incredible authors who shared their stories here did so not only because they needed to write them, but because we needed to read them; it's a synchronicity that Linda Joy has created and continues to nurture." ~ Excerpt from Bryna's Editor's Notes

Journaling Prompt Pages

Dive deeper into the wisdom and lessons contained within each woman’s story.

Three Journaling Prompts after each story help you delve deeper into the vital lessons these women’s experiences have to offer.


“If you've ever wondered what would happen if you listened to that faint whisper in your heart, these stories will inspire you to take that next courageous step. These stories of heartfelt inspiration from women sharing a range of grace-filled experiences, challenges, and triumphs are not to be missed.” ~ Catherine Hayes, Enneagram and Leadership Coach

“Filled with stories of women saying YES when the world around them was telling them NO, Courageous Hearts is a book of inspiration. These authors show us how to love the world and, most importantly, ourselves.” ~ Jen Levitz, Business Wizard & Coach and best-selling author

“Another gem from Linda Joy and Inspired Living Publishing! Miracles happen when you listen to the whisper of your soul. In Courageous Hearts, each contributor shares how they learned to face their fears, reclaim their voices, and carve out their own paths to personal liberation. This is a book you immediately want to share with your sisters and friends who need a nudge to follow their dreams.” ~ Shann Vander Leek, Transformation Goddess, best-selling author, and award-winning producer

“This book is a wonderful resource for transforming fear to faith. Let yourself be inspired by these courageous stories!” ~ Amy Leigh Mercree, Medical Intuitive and best-selling author

Courageous Hearts is more than a book about finding strength and courage when you didn't think it possible, it's a book lled with permission slips: permission to be you, permission to do things that work for you (no matter what anyone else might think), and permission to live your life on your own terms. May this book inspire you to take your next courageous step.” ~ Dr. Mary E. Pritchard, PhD, psychologist and BodyLove expert

Courageous Hearts is a powerful anthology demonstrating what feminine power is all about. These thirty brave women not only listened to their hearts but chose to move forward despite their fear. Read it to be inspired and motivated to make your own changes!” ~ Lisa Hutchison, LMHC, licensed psychotherapist for empaths, writing coach, and contributor to two Chicken Soup for the Soul Books

“These soul-deep stories will inspire you to reach deep into your own inner-being, finding the courage needed to meet the challenges in your life. The honesty is bold, life-changing, and life-giving. Courageous Hearts is a touching, sincere read.” ~ Janet Nestor, MA, LPC, DCEP, author, intuitive communicator, and healing-helper

“I couldn't put this book down! As I read through every story, I was amazed at the courage and love exuding from each woman who shared her story. In fact, each story boosted my own courage. If these women can tackle what life brings them, so can I. Highly recommended!” ~ Jill Celeste, marketing coach

“One of my most valued strengths is courage. This book gives courage a whole new meaning to me. It shows me all the unique ways that we are courageous and how we are courageous even when we aren't aware we are being so. We all need inspiration and if you want to be motivated to step out of your comfort zone than this book is for you.” ~ Jennifer Urezzio, founder of Soul Language

About Publisher Linda Joy

Best-selling inspirational publisher, Radio Show Host, and Visibilty Catalyst Linda Joy is one of today’s premier voices in women’s inspirational publishing and a powerful advocate for women's dreams.

Linda is the publisher of Aspire Magazine, the premier inspirational digital magazine for women since 2006, host of the Inspired Conversations radio show on the #OMTimes network, host of the Inspired Living Giveaway, host of Inspired Living Secrets as well as the Creatrix behind the nine time best-selling boutique hybrid publishing house, Inspired Living Publishing. 

Ms. Joy is passionate about encouraging women to rediscover and reconnect with their inner wisdom, and empowering them to live deeper, more authentic, inspired lives both personally and professionally--and all of her brands are dedicated to publishing and producing projects that support  women in doing so.

Her well-respected multimedia brands serve over 46,000 women and 25,000 social media fans who embrace her message of love, feminine wisdom, and self-empowerment.

About Inspired Living Publishing

Inspired Living Publishing is a best-selling boutique hybrid publishing house providing visionary female entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists and healers with high-profile publishing and marketing packages that shine a spotlight on their brand and message.

Over 220 visionary female entrepreneurs have published with Inspired Living Publishing's sacred anthology division and become best-selling authors. Inspired Living Publishing's powerful Authentic Storytelling(TM) model guides their authors through a transformative writing process that brings their truth and essence to the page.  

Inspired Living Publishing  also offers powerful high-visibility publishing, marketing and launch services to aligned solo female authors to bring their sacred message and brand to the global audience of women they are meant to serve. 

Inspired Living Publishing's first two titles of their new division, Being Love: How Loving Yourself Can Create Ripples of Transformation in Your Relationships and the World by Dr. Debra Reble, (May 2016) and The Art of Inspiration: An Editor's Guide to Writing Powerful, Effective Inspirational and Personal Development Books (June 2016) topped multiple best-seller and hot new release lists within hours. To learn more about  their high-visibility publishing and marketing services visit